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Scalable worlds for next-generation consoles

TQ Global achieved a landmark with the collaboration between TQ Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Advance Games Platform Programme has been formed as exclusive Masters Program for Games Development/Research and production program until 2011.

To ensure the growth of our company, TQ plans to invest in human resources development both in Singapore and China. As a company we believe that our biggest asset is our human resource. We make sure that we get the best people who can be our assets in our mission to develop most enthralling and action packed games.

TQ Global Singapore is equipped with the latest Development Kits and game technology for development, testing and support of all stages of the next generation games production.

Training ground for the future leaders of the computer and video game industry.Provide world class Research and Development facility and training to advance the art of computer and video game development and production.To give real world experience for our students to practice and learn the skills.Help delivery skilled work force that fuel the growth of our computer and video game industry.To foster creativity and provide opportunity for talented individual through IDGT Scholarship program.