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Professional Training
Starting June 2009
Course Objectives

IDGT/IMI is a One Year Full Time Professional Training Courses for Technical Artists and Advanced Game Programmers. These courses are specially developed because:

  1. There is a great demand in the industry for Game Technical Artists that will help to bridge the gap between the digital artists and the programming team.
  2. There is no facility or institute in Singapore offering program dedicated to train the Game Technical Artists and Advanced Game Programmers for the console game and on-line game.
  3. Training Game Technical Artists and Advanced Game Programmers requires an environment and facility that interface with the real world of game development and production.
  4. IDGT/IMI has the facility equipped with console game Development Kit for our training program.
  5. IDGT/IMI has access to the resources of NTU and the support from the local game industry.
  6. The graduates of these courses will help to reinforce the foundation for the game development industry in Singapore.

IDGT/IMI one year full time training program is very unique because:

  1. It provides a fully immersive environment for the students to hone their skill
  2. We offer our internal real-time TQViewer, which supports export from Max and Maya. The viewer supports shaders development and viewing of the assets with self shadowing, HDR environment mapping and complex techniques such as sub-surface scattering for realistic human skin. The viewer also supports multiple LODs and material editing. We have created techniques for our students to emulate functionality for their testing during asset production.
  3. Students are given the opportunity to work on projects that they will encounter in a real world game production that includes job specification, object list, work flow and time, and scheduling. Working with TQ Global, IDGT has access to all materials from the game that TQ has developed (see Student Assessment, example).
  4. Students in our program have the opportunity to work with our production crew in China for 3 weeks to gain additional experience of real world experience game production
  5. Popular game Development Kits are available to the students to test their program and assets.
  6. We are certified developers for Xbox console game. We also have our own games engines for our students to practice on
  7. Over the course of one year, the students will get to learn about team spirit that is essential to any game production.
  8. The program is targeted to train middle management so they will learn to lead and work with other digital artists, colleagues and programmers.
  9. The students will be tested for their technical skill and their communication skill.

By leveraging on the expertise of IDGT/IMI and production experience of TQ, we will help Singapore to grow and expand its game development capability which in turn will attract more foreign companies to invest in Singapore.

Training ground for the future leaders of the computer and video game industry.Provide world class Research and Development facility and training to advance the art of computer and video game development and production.To give real world experience for our students to practice and learn the skills.Help delivery skilled work force that fuel the growth of our computer and video game industry.To foster creativity and provide opportunity for talented individual through IDGT Scholarship program.