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NTU teamed up with TQ Global Ltd

Graduated in 2003 as a Computer Engineering major, Chen Jianhao¡¯s first job was in a three-dimensional company as a software programmer. But he liked computer games pretty much then, and he had long been looking for a chance to be involved in what he thought as a promising game industry.

So that¡¯s why when NYTU and TQ Global Ltd, a game company that based in Hong Kong, teamed up to offer a Master of Engineering degree focusing on games, he immediately applied a place, and returned to school.

¡°The game market here is still underdeveloped¡±, he said in an interview, ¡°there is still a great potential to develop, and the development of games is changing with each passing day. The reason I took this course was not only I¡¯m interested but the course gives me a golden opportunity to embark on this industry.¡±

Financed totally by TQ Global Ltd
It is estimated that local digital media industry will contribute 10 billion US dollars to national economy by the year 2018. Official statics also indicate that gross global game industry value has amounted to 58.4 billion US dollars this year.?

The two-year-term master course was started August last year with its first recruitment of 6 students aged between 23 and 27, who will be specifically focusing on game research and technology application. TQ Global Ltd has promised an amount of 3,000,000 dollars to be used to cover all fee involved in the six years study. For the recruited students, besides free tuition (almost 9 thousand), they will also receive two thousand dollars allowance monthly, but under the precondition that they will have to serve TQ Global Ltd at least two years after graduation.

The students are encouraged going abroad to attend international game seminar to broaden their horizons, and allowed to practice at company to gain experience.

With its base in Hong Kong, TQ Global Ltd also took his businesses to Singapore, Shenzhen, and American. Parimal Aswan, director in Singapore office said that ¡°The cost to develop game become higher and the techniques required even more advanced than before¡±

¡°It was the time before that only one computer programmer could take care of all the things like programming, test, and images. But now, we need more than 200 workers, spending at least 3 years at a cost of 3 million US dollars. Our purpose to start the course is to cultivate a batch of highly educated technicians specialized in game field, of course, with good command of math, physical and programming.¡±?
The newly developed master degree course was a sensational new to the society, especially to the people who would like to give it a try. There were totally a hundred and forty applicants, with only six passed the interview after test. ¡°We plan to recruit at least 10 candidates each year, and TQ Global Ltd has started to provide the money to sponsor them¡±, Parimal Aswani added.

If you are very interested in this programme, please send email to:This activity will be ended by Apr 15th.

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