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Bachelor Degree Program
The Program

IDGT working with SZU College of Mass Communication offers an undergraduate program in:”±Game Technology and Development. Furthermore, IDGT has setup a lab in SZU called ”°Advance Technology Game Platform Lab”± for research and development.

The under graduate program at Shenzhen University is designed for the 3rd and 4th years students who study at the College of Mass Communication and want to pursuit a career in the global digital and video game industry. The curriculum is designed by IDGT and taught by IDGT instructors and lecturers from China, Singapore and the USA.

The students are required to take 36 credits, 24-class room lectures and 12 lab hoursӮ credits to receive their Bachelor Degree from SZU and a certificate of completion from IDGT.

This is the first time such a program in ”°Game Technology and Development”± been offered in any Chinese university. The program is designed to equip the students to enter the game industry globally with a strong technical background and creative skills.




Training ground for the future leaders of the computer and video game industry.Provide world class Research and Development facility and training to advance the art of computer and video game development and production.To give real world experience for our students to practice and learn the skills.Help delivery skilled work force that fuel the growth of our computer and video game industry.To foster creativity and provide opportunity for talented individual through IDGT Scholarship program.