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IDGT/IMI will participate in the 1st ACM SIGGRAPH Conference & Exhibition in Asia, 11-13 December2008 at Singapore InternationalConvention & Exhibition Centre.

We will showcase the various projects and items produced over the past years under our R & D Program. The Highlight of our exhibit will be the game "Baja: The Edge of Control".

At SIGGRAPH, we will be recruiting new students for our Master Degree Program and for our Professional Training Courses.  Interested parties can visit IDGT website for detailed information regarding our program and the professional training courses.

Welcome to visit our booth at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008 Exhibition
a) Link to the registration page
http://www.siggraphasia2008.com   under "Attendees"

b) The registration code is vvwp191NL929cZ
Visitors who would like to invite business contacts or friends to the conference and exhibition, please use the registration code above.


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