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IDGT/IMI Master Degree Scholarships

IDGTs parent company, TQ Global has been sponsoring a Masters Program for Advanced Game Platform Program since 2006. The first batch of Masters Program, comprising of 4 students graduated in 2008 and presently there are 7 Masters students under the program. All students under this program are bonded to work for TQ Global for 2 years after graduation. In this Masters Program students learn to conduct advanced research and develop technology that can be used in game development environment. The students graduated from this program will get a Master Degree from NTU and a credit in the game they help to create.

TQ Global offers 2 types of Master Student scholarship programs, one is Master Research and the other, Master by course works. IDGT reserves the rights to assign the student to either of this program. The students will be assigned research projects that are related to the games that we are producing. Those students under Master by Course Work Program will be given assignment that is game related. Students will learn by doing real world projects and solve real world problems relating to the games that TQ-Global is working on.

Students will work with IDGT supervisors and NTU assigned supervisors as well. Students work in the world class IDGT/gameLAB facility with the latest Dev. Kits and equipment. Students under our program scholarship or without scholarship with also enjoy the technology that we have developed in the game lab.

Under IDGT-TQ Scholarship the student will receive a monthly stipend of S$2,000, plus all tuition fees. IDGT-TQ scholarship requires the student to be bonded for 2 years upon graduation.


Training ground for the future leaders of the computer and video game industry.Provide world class Research and Development facility and training to advance the art of computer and video game development and production.To give real world experience for our students to practice and learn the skills.Help delivery skilled work force that fuel the growth of our computer and video game industry.To foster creativity and provide opportunity for talented individual through IDGT Scholarship program.