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College of Mass Communication, SZU

College of Mass Communication was formerly the Department of Mass Communication of Shenzhen University established in 1985, it¡¯s also been called the Department of Chinese Culture and Dissemination & Literature College during its organizational reform. The College was officially founded until 2006 after the integration of Dissemination Department, Advertisement Department.

College of Dissemination consists of Dissemination Department, Advertisement Department, Media Research Center and Teaching Experimental Center, etc, which covers five major fields like Journalism and communication, broadcasting and Television, Network and Media, Advertisement Strategy, Advertisement Design, with a number of more than 1000 full-time undergraduates and 70 postgraduates.

There are 44 employees under service in the College. Among them 34 are teachers with 11 professors, 18 vice professors and 9 lecturers, 5 works in lab and another 5 as administrators. 23 of them received doctoral degrees (5 are introduced from Japan, America and Hong Kong).Most of the staff here either has a proud achievement or awarded many honors in their post or very experienced and respectable in their working field, and many of them are overseas returned scholars, their majors are various, dominated by Journalism and Communication, Literature¡¢economics¡¢management¡¢sociology¡¢art, etc. Doctoral degree holders has taken up 50£¥ of the total teaching resources, which has reached national level standard.

A modern Dissemination Experimental Center is now under construction, which has been given a high priority as college¡¯s projects that featured spacious room and state of the art equipments and facilities.

Dissemination is a keystone discipline that supported in Guangdong province, the Centers for Dissemination and Cultural Development Research is an important research base for human social science in Guangdong colleges.



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