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Contracted Research /Consulting Services

IDGT started it research and development effort to support the development of our in house racing game-Baja-The Edge of Control. We always start new research and development projects to pushing the technology envelope to enhance the game play and user experience.

IDGT is support by the industry and MDA we decided to open up a new contracted research and consulting service so the game developers can benefit from our experience and know-how. We will work with individual company who need our services and work together with them to solicit funding from various government agencies as well.

IDGT will works with individual company to tailor our services to their need, which included individual tailored staff training course or through our Technical Artists or Advance Game Programmer training program. Plus research and development needed for game development and deployment.

We believe by sharing our expertise and experience, we can help present and future game developers to create high quality and better experienced game.

Some of the areas for consulting and research services are listed here, but it is not limited to these areas only, we can work with individual company to offer more innovated services to meet their needs.


Training ground for the future leaders of the computer and video game industry.Provide world class Research and Development facility and training to advance the art of computer and video game development and production.To give real world experience for our students to practice and learn the skills.Help delivery skilled work force that fuel the growth of our computer and video game industry.To foster creativity and provide opportunity for talented individual through IDGT Scholarship program.