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奖学金 计划

TQ-GLOBAL – IDGT 游戏开发专业文凭课程奖学金计划



IDGT奖学金计划将提供参加学习以上WDA文凭的人。IDGT scholarship program will offer the candidate WDA Diploma on the above subjects. The right candidate will study with other students at IDGT and provide some low level support for IDGT staff on the basis that will not interfere with their study and class work.

All scholarship recipients will do their internship with TQ-Global during their intern period.

IDGT will pay for all tuition together with a monthly stipend of S$1,000. Candidate will work on TQ-Global designated R&D projects, for our past R&D effort and papers published under this program please see here

Terms and Condition

All candidates will by bonded to work for ACDN after their graduation from our Scholarship for 2 years or the duration of their research candidature. If a student decides not to work for TQ-Global after his or her graduation, he or she has to reimburse TQ-Global for the tuition and the stipends that TQ-Global has paid to the candidate.

Qualification for application

The program is opened to Singaporeans and Permanent residents only. Student must fulfill all entrance qualifications of IDGT. All applicants will take a test to determine their ability.

Please send all application to: ( info@tqglobal.com.sg )

Interview date

All applications have to be received not later than June 30, 2010 and interview and test will be conducted in June.